About The Project

Why is it called “Autumn Leaves”?
Who came up with the idea?
What makes it art?
Is the project a hybrid of other things?
Why “7” and “49” throughout?
How were the participants chosen?
What are the three questions, and why are they there?
Who are the “leaves”?
Who is paying for all this?
What if I have another question?

About The Events

Do I need a reservation?
Are events free?
What time should I arrive?
Do I have to sit quietly the entire time?
How long will the presentation last, and is there an intermission?
What’s happening during the presentations?
Will I be able to share a few words of my own?
Are young people welcome?
What is the art that will be on display?
Is the art for sale?
What are the 49 word pieces by the writers?
What are the slide shows?
What do the youth art groups do?
Can I learn more about the youth art groups?
How should I dress?
Are the events being documented?
I'm concerned about parking -- what should I do?

About Area 405

Is there public transportation nearby?
Is there street parking nearby?
What sort of space is Area 405?
Is there a restroom at Area 405?
Are there gallery hours?
Is Area 405 part of the Station North Arts & Entertainment District?