Contributions in support of Autumn Leaves can be made by PayPal from this page or by writing a check made out to the project’s fiscal agent, Baltimore Performance Kitchen, with “Autumn Leaves” written in the memo line, and send to:

Autumn Leaves
c/o Baltimore Performance Kitchen
625 Deepdene Road
Baltimore, MD 21210

Autumn Leaves thanks Area 405 as venue partner and Station North Arts & Entertainment District as marketing partner.

Autumn Leaves has been funded by the Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts.

The October Autumn Leaves event are part of Free Fall Baltimore, which is made possible by the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts, an independent 501(c)3 non-profit, and the generous contributions of BGE, The Abell Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, American Trading & Production Corporation (Atapco), The Henry and Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Foundation, and the Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Charitable Funds.

Thank you to the Youth Resiliency Institute for providing bus transportation from Cherry Hill, Albemarle Square, and Gwynn Falls to the Poplar Event on September 20.

Thank you to project participant Gilda Johnson, for generously hosting an important "friend-raiser" event for the project at her home on June 21, 2014.

Thank you to Station North Arts Cafe Catering and The Classic Catering People for providing light fare and refreshments for the events.

We wish to thank the following additional generous supporters:

Corporate Sponsor

Project Sponsors

  • Jane Brown
  • Cohen Opportunity Fund
  • Nancy Patz Reading Fund
  • The Peck Foundation
  • Seska Ramberg
  • Jim & Patty Rouse Foundation
  • Henry S. & Agnes M. Truzack Foundation
  • Neil & Laura Tucker

Youth Art Group Sponsor

  • Jane Brown

Visual Artist Sponsors

  • Gwen Davidson
  • Lois Blum Feinblatt
  • Sandra Levi Gerstung
  • Joanna Golden
  • Kathy & Sandy Shapiro
  • Joy & Steven Sibel

Writers Sponsor

  • Margery Gluck

Give Corps Campaign & Individual Supporters

Those who contributed through Give Corps were invited to offer 7-word long testimonials to one or more of the "leaves," or others 50 years old or older in their lives.

  • Laura Abramson for Julie Gabrielli: "Art lets your insight out. ?ui=2&ik=d692d531a7&view=att&th=1476f212. ."
  • Katie Allston: "To the women of Marian House: You inspire!"
  • Tyra Amrein
  • Susan & Stuart Auchincloss
  • Brian Bacchus
  • Lauren Manekin Belle
  • Bob & Michael Blum
  • Kim Bonoan
  • Lee Boot
  • Janine-Marie Boulad
  • Susan Brooks
  • Susan & Tom Brown for Barbara and Edward Weingast, Donald and June Brown: "Family, friends, love, life, art, and adventures"
  • Monita Buchwald
  • Sarah Burke
  • Tori Burns
  • David Buscher
  • Ursula Cain-Jordan for: "Aunt Brue, Loving, encouraging, beautiful role model."
  • Gayle Carney
  • Sonja Cendak
  • Sharayna Christmas-Rose for Josephine "Nana" Christmas: "unknown regalness in my own image Nana."
  • Cathy Church-Bain
  • Norma Cohen for Joel Cohen: "An inspired artist who makes me proud."
  • Bill Clark
  • Rick Corcoran
  • Michael Cordes
  • Mare Cromwell for Andrea Prendki McCluskey: "Art heals and touches our souls, forever."
  • Sandy Cryder for Renee Buettner: "Your faith, heart, hope, love, smile inspire."
  • Anne Curran for Zinaida Rozenberg: "Energetic, enthusiastic, embraceable, a lovable person-Zina!"
  • Oletha DeVane
  • Nicholas Dewind
  • John Diehl
  • Nancy Dorman
  • Catherine Fennell
  • Lisa Ferretto for Angie Ferretto:  "Nonnie- Thank you for all your blessings!"
  • Julia Fischer
  • Beth Fredrick
  • Cindy Fredrick for Beth Fredrick: "Beautiful sister to me and many, worldwide."
  • Paul Freedman
  • Julie Gabrielli for Seth Knopp: "Beautiful devotion to channel voices of others."
  • Prescott Gaylord
  • Kathy Gelb
  • Zoe Gewanter for: "Maurice, Wayne, Bessie, Myrna, your love endures."
  • Sarah Glazer
  • Joan Goodson
  • Jill Gordon
  • Jen Grow for Lee Stierhoff: "Your generosity and mindfulness continually inspire me."
  • Heide Grundmann
  • Kathy Hall
  • Aaron Heinsman
  • Sandy & Tom Hess
  • Carol Higgs
  • Mel Holden
  • Katja Iversen
  • Martha Jannotta
  • Jeff Johnson for Maryanne Theresa Nobile': "Go forth with grace and ease Maryanne"
  • Kathleen Kausch-Midon
  • Audrey Kindred for Annie Lanzillotto: "Annie Lanzillotto, leaf of Grandma Peach Tree."
  • Mollie Lange for Lee Stierhoff:  "Talented painter, best friend ever, forever hunky!"
  • Michelle LaPerriere
  • Leslie Larocca for Julie Gabrielli: "Living, loving, opening, lifting, leading, risking, faith"
  • Carrie LeBow
  • Liz Lerman for her mother, Anne Levy Lerman: "stubborn modern angry soft observant quiet/rebel"
  • Barbara Loebel & Myrna Holden for Julie Gabrielli: "Julie Gabrielli, loving custodian of the planet."
  • Yvette Luster-West
  • Harriet Lynn for Shindana Cooper: "Seeker of truth. Beautiful soul. Much missed."
  • Donna Magid for Mike Magid: "My Dad turning 95: aged to perfection!"
  • Brigitte & Donald Manekin
  • Thibault & Lola Manekin for Michael Burke: "Your honor, our mayor, friend and mentor."
  • Lois Mark
  • Asia Maxton
  • George Mister
  • Erin Mitchell
  • Donna Jackson Nakazawa
  • Jasmine Nielsen
  • Jon O'Brien
  • Colm Ocomartun
  • Juliet Page
  • Don Palmer
  • Cindy Paradies & Larry Moscow
  • Renee Perrier
  • Jean Phelan
  • Scott Propeack
  • Sharen Pula
  • Roberto Quezada-Dardon
  • Kathleen Randall
  • Jennifer Recoy for Beth Fredrick: "Beth Fredrick lives a truly authentic life!"
  • Lola Jenkins Reid
  • Pamela Roach
  • Matthew Roberson
  • Jane Rodbell
  • David Ross for Robert Ginyard: "Robert is a gentleman through and through."
  • Denise S.
  • Stephen Salny
  • Alyssa Sapia
  • Nicky Schleider
  • Elda & David Schwartz
  • Patricia Sears
  • Tamra Settles
  • Laura Shovan
  • David Shurna
  • Jim Dale & Ellen Small to Edwina and Evelyn: "Two life long artists and creative forces."
  • Karen Smith
  • Michael Smith
  • Jon Spelman for Donald Hicken: "In admiration and respect, wishing you strength."
  • Phoebe Stein
  • Katharine Stierhoff
  • Lee Stierhoff
  • Jennifer Strasbaugh
  • Susan Tew
  • Bryce Turner
  • Paris Turner
  • Jo Tyler for Dean Lynes: "Gorgeous mind, generous heart, grand vision connector!"
  • Tracy Ward
  • Stewart Watson (& Jim Vose & Pulman) for Robert Bruce Watson: "High order curmudgeon, extraordinary, respected, my Dad."
  • Deidre Webb
  • Lois Welk
  • Christine Wendel
  • Joshua & Vanina Wolf for Saralee Wolf: "Thank you Savta, for light and life!"
  • Jay Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen
  • Steve Ziger & Jamie Snead